Ways To Be More Mindful of your Driving Speed

Understanding The Limits

The phrase, know your limit, might be recognized as a warning about being behind the wheel under the influence. This factor can certainly have an impact on your speed. In this case, we’re looking to asking you to educate yourself about the speed limits that relate to your next vehicle adventure. Requirements to know your speed during your next trip. You have to be aware of when they might change, because construction and detours are a factor. There are areas that reduce the speed limit during unfavourable weather conditions.

Don’t Let Peer Pressure Take Over Your Speed Decision

If you ever notice on the highway when you are following the speed limit and you notice that everyone else around you is speeding past you? Possibly the leader had a radar, and decided to speed up past the speed limit and others followed. Or, you assumed that they saw a change in the speed limit that you might have missed. Always resist the urge to speed up because others are doing it. Change to the slow lane and wait until you pass another speed sign and adjust if required.

Also remember that peer pressure can also come within the vehicle, from passengers that waste to get to the destination as soon as possible. Let them know ahead of time that you are sticking to the speed limit and if they require more time, leave earlier.

Remember to Leave Early

Any road trip, always remember to give yourself some time and leave earlier, leave more than enough time to get to your destination at its intended time.

When it comes down to your daily routine, it might be as simple as setting your alarm 10-minutes early. You will want to avoid speeding at the end of your day as well. You will also want to avoid speeding at the end of your day as well. Especially as there are quite a few more aggressive drivers when it comes to home time.

When it comes to driving on the highway, it can be a bit harder to judge travel time. Road Construction, weather and even pit-stops can set your schedule back. These are valid reasons to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

3. Stick to non-alcoholic

You might think that you can’t celebrate if you’re not drinking alcohol, but you know that you can have just as much fun without alcohol. There are many companies now producing soft-drinks that are just as delicious as your favourite alcoholic beverage, and will save you from that pesky handover the next morning. Try having a zero-alcoholic beer. This will make you feel like you’re joining in, without compromising your safety and others when you are driving home.

Breath and Relax

Before you turn that ignition on, take a few deep breaths and make sure your mind is clear and focused. When driving anxious, agitated, or just angry, you are way more likely to drive aggressively. If you spend time gathering your thoughts and emotions, you will be better able to control and be able to drive within the speed limit. There are options to help soothe you. Turn on some easy-listening music. If you practice, this will become second nature to you.

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