15 Over Speeding Tickets

The fine for the speeding ticket, which was dropped along the roadside for exceeding the speed limit by fifteen, is just fifty dollars. Why can't I just pay for it and move on?

Why Fight a 15km/h over Speeding Ticket

As with other traffic fines, insurance costs are impacted by speeding tickets for exceeding the speed limit by fifteen.

Even if there are no points, the conviction remains on the driver's record and insurance record for three years after payment, which influences insurance premiums at renewal.

Many novice police officers could think that you'll pay the penalty and avoid having to appear in traffic court if they decrease the charge to zero points...

About 15km/h over and Insurance

Your insurance premiums are impacted by speeding fines that are 15 over the limit.

Your insurance may still be impacted by the ticket even though it has no demerit points.

Convictions for moving violations are of concern to insurance providers, not deductions from points. Insurance companies have access to a driver's abstract, or driver's license record, for a period of three years after the motorist pays a $15 over-speeding charge.

Any convictions for traffic citations are considered a risk factor by the insurance provider. Regardless of the speed, an insurance company will be able to view a driver's conviction for speeding since it will be shown on the abstract.

Fighting 15 over Speeding Tickets

Inexperienced police officers often don't give fifteen (15) over speeding penalties; instead, this is an indication that the officer is a junior one or has little traffic court expertise.

As a result, a large number of these citations are dropped in traffic court for various reasons, including:

Additionally, inexperienced or junior police officers may hesitate to issue speeding fines and, as a result, do not want to appear in traffic court.

For many police officers, traffic court is a scary place. Officers will sometimes slow down in the hopes that the motorist would simply pay the fine of fifty (50) dollars as there are no demerits.

Inexperienced police officers could assume you'll pay the penalty if they decrease it to zero points.

Officers have reportedly told drivers, "There are no points; it's just a fine; it won't affect your insurance," in the past. Nothing could be more deceptive, and your insurance may be impacted by any convictions for moving violations.

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