Is Careless Driving a Criminal Offence

Although driving carelessly is a significant offence, what does this ticket mean and is driving carelessly a crime?

What is a Careless Driving Charge

A citation for driving without a car is not a crime. According to an Albertan province legislation, driving while intoxicated is a provincial offence.

There are three (3) categories of legal offences in Canada:

A provincial statute under the Alberta Highway Traffic Act addresses careless driving.

Criminal charges and offences are governed by federal legislation that are applicable across Canada. Criminal accusations typically relate to more serious offences. Provincial statutes are referred to as traffic tickets under the Highway Traffic Act and are often minor infractions; they are not criminal accusations.

Penalties for traffic fines are often less harsh or incapacitating, yet they might be similar.

Both criminal charges and traffic citations result in a record on your driving abstract with the Ministry of Transportation.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, careless driving is a provincial law and not a crime.

Dangerous Driving Vs Careless Driving

While careless driving is punishable by a traffic ticket under the Highway Traffic Act of Alberta, dangerous driving is punishable by law under the Criminal Code of Canada.

When pursuing criminal charges such as hazardous driving, the prosecution must demonstrate that the driver intended to engage in a risky driving behaviour, such as street racing or deliberately braking to intimidate or endanger another vehicle.

Accidents caused by careless driving typically occur when the driver has no intention of the occurrence happening. These are collisions caused by careless driving.

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