Can I Fight My Traffic Ticket On My Own?

It is feasible, albeit probably not a smart idea based on how comfortable you are with the legal system, courts, and traffic rules. You only have one opportunity to fight a traffic ticket successfully. If the case is handled improperly, it may result in the ticket being dropped or in a conviction, which might result in thousands of dollars in annual insurance premium increases.

Should I fight my traffic ticket on my own?

Regretfully, there are no videos or thorough explanations available from the court system about how to fight a traffic ticket. It will be up to you to decide for yourselves what is right and wrong. The system is harsh, and even a minor error or miscommunication might have far-reaching effects.

Before attempting to handle your traffic ticket, it could be a good idea to at least consult with a qualified and experienced specialist. There is no commitment to hire us; we provide free consultations. Stated differently, there is no danger in getting in touch with us. Nothing can go wrong and everything is in your favour!

Can I make a plea deal on my own?

Usually, a plea agreement for a traffic citation entails dropping the offense to a less serious charge. This might imply fewer points, a smaller fine, no suspension, etc. Although you might be able to do this on your own, something might go wrong. A "good deal" and your chances of getting one depend on a lot of different things.

How do I get a good plea deal for my traffic ticket?

If you are lucky enough to secure a settlement at all, a lot of variables will affect the kind of agreement you may or may not be able to receive for your case. Here are some of the most important things to think about.

A Strong Legal Defence

The first important consideration in determining how well you will get off your traffic ticket is your capacity to mount a compelling legal defence. This implies that in order for the Justice of the Peace to declare you guilty, the prosecution must establish certain legal requirements, which you must be aware of. There is a considerable likelihood that the charge will be withdrawn completely or reduced to something far less serious if the prosecution is unable to show the fundamental elements of the offense. Every one of our agents is well-versed in traffic rules and has a great deal of expertise. We would be pleased to lend you our knowledge in order to strengthen your case. Your chances of getting a better bargain increase with the strength of your legal defence. This connects to the following idea.

Relationship with the Prosecutor

The prosecutor connection is likely to be the second important aspect in securing a favourable settlement. Many interpret this to suggest that we can ask someone to perform a “favour”, but that is not quite what we intend. Above all, this indicates that the prosecutor has determined that we possess the necessary experience, expertise, and tenacity to pursue the matter to trial if necessary. In the end, what we're talking about is respect. The prosecutor will not make us inferior offers if we earn their respect. They will frequently grant our requests and spare us all some time.

Knowledge of the Law

The ability to recognize a suitable plea bargain is the last important component in obtaining a favourable plea agreement. For instance, we assist many clients with allegations of driving without a license, which carries a severe six-point penalty and a cost of around $500. We often receive calls from folks who attempted to manage their case alone and took an offer to have their ticket reduced to Following Too Closely, which carries 4 points and a cost of around $100.00. A few weeks later, they learn that it is a "major" offence to follow too closely and that their insurance premiums would increase dramatically. They were informed that this was a substantial decrease and that the fine would be lowered by about 80% when they met with the prosecutor. It's a surprisingly huge ticket, and there's nothing you can do about it now. In these kinds of circumstances, knowing when to walk away from a good bargain and when to walk away from a poor offer is crucial.

How can Ticket Canada help?

We will make sure we get you the best result if you choose to employ us to help with your ticket. If it is possible, we always try to get the charge completely dropped; if not, we can nearly always have it lowered to something far less significant. We can make sure you are receiving the finest they have to offer, even if you believe you might simply want to make a "deal."Will my insurance rates go up?

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